begin licensing

The following steps is particular to CA requirements.


For specific info on outside states please see:

Step 1

Enroll 32 Hours

- enroll now

- insurance pre-licensing bundle courses

- select your state

- select pre-licensing education (life insurance ONLY)

- proceed to checkout & input discount code PFA (-179.05)

Step 2


Fingerprinting needs to be done before your exam. This process takes the longest, so it is highly suggested to do it prior to your exam. If you choose to do fingerprinting before your exam, please print page 1 only of the pdf below. You can take this form to any local UPS. If you are unable to do it prior, your fingerprints can also be taken the day of.

Step 3

Register for State Exam 

Create an account.

When registering, please choose:

Government/State Licensing Agency

- Your State

- Department of Insurance

- Life Agent ONLY Exam PSI 

When it asks for your school/provider, select: XCEL SOLUTIONS LLC

Look up test schedules to determine where you want to take yours. If you have trouble, contact me! The sooner you schedule your license exam, the sooner we are able to get you going, and get you paid! 

Step 4

Study Exam Crams

These are your study guides. The document titles, “Exam Q&A” , is the most helpful. In that document, only study up to question #161. Anything past question #161 you DO NOT need. With these study guides, paired with your 32-hour training, you are well-equipped to passing your license exam!


Here is also a Quizlet (flash card online) to help you:

Step 5

Apply for License


-Apply for a license

-New insurance license

-Choose ‘resident’ and ‘individual’ then continue

-Enter email and continue

-Enter last name, ssn, applicant

-Choose state you are applying for

-Keep processing method at credit card/electronic check submission

-License type: resident producer then continue

-Qualification code: Life then continue

-Fill in require field only 

-Finish application

The state will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to process your application. Please check you email for your license. 

After licensing move on to getting appointed below.

GET Appointed with National Life Group