Created to cultivate an environment and culture to readily prepare its communities for the ongoing changes happening in business, life, & entrepreneurship. ​

TEAM DELTA is a marketing organization that has partnered up with today's leading team-building business models to deliver innovative financial strategies & concepts to families in various stages of their wealth planning process. 



Brent Paiste

Being able to serve others has always brought fulfillment in Brent Paiste's life. As a father of four and a former service member of the U.S. Air Force, he believes in the mission of serving others and protecting the people of this country from foreign or domestic threats. Now back home, here in the states the threats are far different from warfare, but still as dangerous. Today being able to serve and equip his communities with education and strategies to fight against poverty, financial illiteracy and being prepared for the uknown has been his new found mission. With families in mind, Brent carries the values passed down to him from the military by leading with integrity, service, and excellence.

Peter Holguin

Peter is a U.S. Marine Veteran with the passion to inspire and guide others on being the truest version of themselves. He joined this amazing business in 2017 and is one of the directors and 6 figure earners in our company. Peter loves the business mainly because he has been able to provide the kind of lifestyle for his wife and daughter than anyone would hope for, a lifestyle that allows him more time with his family to traveling the world. Peter leads a growing team in Irving, Texas named Team Fidelis. 

Karlo Libunao

This is Karlo Libunao. His passion is found through helping others and making a lasting impact on their lives. He allowed that passion to flow through his Massage Therapy career, but he is only 1 person. Limited to the amount of time and energy to serve just a handful of people a day. In 2016 he was introduced to a platform within the financial services industry. An arena where he can significantly grow personally and professionally. The environment challenges him to not only think bigger but also help more people. Through the products and services, he’s been able to serve the community with sound financial strategies that can grant them tax-free income for life and replacement income in case of a serious illness. He’s responsible for building our South Bay Area team and we’re proud to have him be a part of us.

Ani Lumagui

In 2011, Ani Lumagui’s hometown of Stockton, CA, topped the list as the Most Miserable City in America by Forbes magazine. It was then that he made the decision to contribute back to the same community that had raised him. He became an English teacher at his alma mater, Lincoln High School, where he continued to serve as a teacher, coach, and mentor to his students for the next 5 years. It wasn’t until 2017 when his financial education began and he became a licensed life insurance agent. After two years, he transitioned from a career in public education to a career in business and financial services in order to advance his mission of bringing prosperity to American families through financial education and entrepreneurship. Today, he is happily married to his wife, Daisy, and they have two young beautiful girls, Corine and Kailee.

Estrellita DelaFuente 
David Bobadilla

As a married couple, Estrellita and David are originally from Mexico and we're raised in the U.S. coming from corporate and customer service backgrounds. Now becoming entrepreneurs, they have a vision and a cause to empower those that seek the "opportunity of a lifetime," and to create an ever-growing team in a company that allows people: growth, advancement, and success. PFA Team STARS has the mission of providing the best Life Insurance and Financial Services, bringing peace of mind to their clients, and making a difference in the market. Always grateful to serve you.

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