TEAM DELTA is a national marketing organization. We partner with the leading team-building business models to deliver innovative financial strategies & concepts to families in various stages of their wealth planning process. 

Created to cultivate an environment and culture to readily prepare its communities for the ongoing changes happening in business, life, & entrepreneurship. ​​



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Founder & Regional Field Director


Being able to serve others has always brought fulfillment in Brent Paiste's life. As a father of four and a former service member of the U.S. Air Force, he believes in the mission of serving others and protecting the people of this country from foreign or domestic threats. Now back home, here in the states the threats are far different from warfare, but still as dangerous. Today being able to serve and equip his communities with education and strategies to fight against poverty, financial illiteracy and being prepared for the unknown has been his new found mission. With families in mind, Brent carries the values passed down to him from the military by leading with integrity, service, and excellence.


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