Having the right Mindset

Prospecting is about sharing and exposing people

to make a decision based on good information

that may or may not be of value to them. Your

job is to share and theres is to make a decision

nothing more and nothing less. 

Who can we serve & how?

After reviewing our 2 main concepts -- in your mind, who do you know that can benefit off the product & services we offer. Also, who is deserving of a real opportunity?


qualifying for results

What we do CAN be for everyone, but sometimes it's not for everyone. Every product has a target market. When we prospect people, the ratio of success is higher when you can qualify someone who is M.A.C.H.O or Ambitous/Disatisfied.

Connect with your CFT to qualify your list.

Resource: You should have received a Business Tracker, utilize the Fortune List tab to get started.